ESSENZA MARMI - the Essence of a New Style italiano




ESSENZA MARMI - the Essence of a New Style Saturday, April 20, 2024
  • Laying of floors
    :: FRANCIA - Parigi

  • Entrance hall
    :: ITALIA - Alassio (SV)



    Since 1989 the construction company by Salvatore Costantino has been feelingly working on laying marbles, thus furnishing both public and private rooms.

    Years of experience and collaboration with different marble supplier companies have allowed to improve each kind of demand and to suit customers' needs adding a touch of class and style.
    As a result of these collaborations Essenza Marmi has been established.

    Today, just like in the past, Essenza Marmi proposes materials and supplies its customers with a wide range of services.

    Essenza Marmi provides every solution for interiors and exteriors, particular workings designed by famous architects, floors of every kind of marbles and granites from all over the world, inlaid or open spot workings, laying and polishing technical assistance.

    Essenza Marmi can make your dreams and your ambitions about furniture come true.